PRK, 3 Years Later, And Goodbye To Singledom

I had PRK surgery on my eyes back in April 2015 and now that it’s been 3 years since I’ve had my eyeballs lasered, it’s probably time for an update! I’ve had co-workers ask me about it and one lovely reader who asked for an update so here it is. 🙂

I don’t really have much of an update since my last update. The dryness I have when I wake up in the mornings is still there but I think it’s not as dry as it used to be. I do wake up on occasion with my eyelids stuck to my eyeballs and that can be painful. If I spend a couple of minutes just rolling my eyes with my eyelids close I can usually un-stick them. And of course eye drops help to if you have it on hand and can slide a drop in around the corners. Sometimes I try to force a yawn to produce tears.

I did end up getting glasses for night time driving and for when I need to look very far away. It’s funny, just a few years ago my glasses were permanently attached to my face. And now I actually forget to bring them. Forgetting my glasses isn’t a big deal though. I just need to get a bit closer if I’m far away from what I’m reading and I drive so rarely that when I do drive I’m over prepared and go over my mental checklist of what I need other than car keys! And to be honest, the prescription is a little bit strong. Even after having the glasses for a year (I don’t wear them regularly), wearing it gives me headaches. It sure is amazing to wear sunglasses! I’m now so used to wearing sunglasses on even slightly sunny days I’m amazed that I somehow learned to live without them all those years I had glasses.

I haven’t seen my optometrist recently so I’m not sure if my vision has changed though I suspect that perhaps it has worsened slightly but not enough to be worried about my eyesight. I’m due for a check-up in another few months.

On to the other update…

As you may have noticed, I’ve been rather inactive on this blog… again. But this time for a reason other than me being lazy. I had a few posts drafted and never posted them. This blog was intended to poke fun at myself as a single woman and to write about experiences through my eyes. Well, over a year ago I started dating someone (we’ll call him Mr. Man). We’re in the “serious” territory, something new I’m navigating and fumbling along clumsily. Mr. Man isn’t one of those guys I met on an app (which I had sworn off after a few dates with a couple of men). We’ve actually known each other for years and I had counted him as a friend but the timing was always off, we were never single at the same time. Then, over a year ago, someone I had just met two weeks prior to Mr. Man finally asking me on a date, said to me, “Hey, I heard you know Mr. Man! I went to high school with him! Ever thought of dating him? He was the sweetest kid in school and I think the two of you would be great together.” Honestly, my response was an emphatic no. I  thought he was cute when I first met him all those years ago (I even told a few friends that!) but I never considered dating him. After the bad experiences I was determined to be single and to refocus my energies on my writing. It also never crossed my mind he was interested in me. But our then mutual acquaintance got the ball rolling.

I adore Mr. Man and having been friends with him before we became romantic helped me a great deal. I had seen his generous spirit, his honesty, how he treats people, his work, and his family and so when we began dating I knew his sense of humour, where we would be compatible, and, most importantly, I knew I could trust him. He tells me he loves my singing and then I laugh and tell him he’s tone deaf. It’s not all roses and walks in the parks though! We’ve definitely had our disagreements but he’s very good at reminding me that even though we’re arguing he still loves me. I’m not so great at remembering sometimes but I’m trying my best.

Mr. Man and I are planning new adventures together and so it’s time for me to bid SoloSity Gal a fond farewell. I am planning a return to blogging sometime down the line but it’ll be a very different type of blog and Mr. Man is being roped into being involved.

Thank you to those who have read my posts whether it was all of them or just one or two. The writing was always fun and I hope folks were able to cry, smile, and/or laugh  with (or at) me. 🙂