I’m a 30s something single living in Vancouver, BC Canada. I’m a wannabe writer but I’m actually a trained researcher, historian, and all-around circus monkey. It’s really hard to describe my day job. Currently I sort of work in the book industry which means I get to work with books, authors, publishers, artists, libraries, people, the interwebs, etc. I’m a romantic that masquerades as a cynic… holy crap this is sounding like a bad match.com ad. I’m happily single (no, me thinks I doth not protest too much). I have nothing against relationships but would very much like people to stop the she’s-single-at-her-age-and-therefore-sad-and-pathetic sympathy looks. This blog is about living life as a single when almost everyone around you has a significant other and mostly it’s an outlet for me to rant about life through my sarcastic eyes. Thanks for reading! 🙂


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