My PRK Experience – 2 Years Later

It has now been 2 years since I’ve had PRK surgery to correct my horrendous vision. I’m so happy I did it even though having to deal with the eye drops and the slow recovery was annoying. I haven’t had any negative side effects, the only thing that I’ve noticed is that my eyes are extremely dry in the morning when I first wake up but they feel fine afterward. Also, consistently my right eye has been weaker than my left eye and there were days when I couldn’t read very clearly out of my right eye.

Before I had corrective surgery I had a ridiculously high prescription, I had to wear glasses all the time. In the shower if I dropped the soap I’d have no idea where it went and I’d literally need to get down as close as possible to the bottom of the tub to see where it went. Not only did I have a high prescription, I also had a pretty bad astigmatism and it made finding the right contacts difficult.

I recently went in for a routine eye exam with my optometrist and things were as expected. I had to look at a couple of machines – one that measured your visual acuity and the other one that blows a puff of air in your eye. Then the standard Snellen Chart reading and pupil dilation. My eyes are healthy but it’s not surprising that I was given a slight prescription and my astigmatism was not completely corrected by doing PRK. The fantastic thing is that my prescription is so minor that I don’t need to get glasses if I don’t want to. However, I need to concentrate harder when driving at night and my doctor says that glasses would help with that. I’ve been looking at glasses and I have a lot of options now! I’m no longer limited to a certain type that would hide how thick the glasses were.

It’s rather lovely to choose whether or not to wear glasses!


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