They Call Me “Light Bulb”

My mom always jokes that I’m a light bulb and it’s not because my fair skin is so pale it’s nearly iridescent. It’s because I’ve been single so long that I always seem to be the light bulb killing the mood during romantic outings. The joke has evolved now that most of my friends have babies. So when I go out with my friends, mom calls me “the nanny,” sometimes “the free babysitter.”

Every now and then I expect a girls-only outing and as rarely as I expect it to happen, the actual girls-only outing happens even more rarely. A few years ago my friend, Jessie, and I wanted to celebrate our birthdays with a quiet, fancy dinner. Jessie brought her then boyfriend and I asked Barbara if she wanted to come. She said sure and then proceeded to invite her boyfriend (now-husband). So I was a fifth wheel on my birthday and the table was unbalanced – a couple on either side and me. Alone. Happy birthday to me. LOL. It ended up being a nice dinner despite it looking like I was ditched by my date.

3rd wheel tableAmelia, whom I saw the psychic with, and I have been emailing back and forth since she’s busy with work and wedding plans. I don’t see her as often as I used to but we keep in touch. We’re planning to go for brunch in a few weeks and since Colleen is a mutual friend, I asked if she wanted to join us for brunch. Guess what she did? She invited her fiance. I said “Sure, Amelia can bring her finace too.” My oh-so-subtle hint said “it’sĀ supposed to be a girls brunch.” And then I joked about being a fifth wheel and I’ll just place a jacket on an empty chair and we’ll pretend he’s in the washroom with severe diarrhea.

It’s ok, I’ll be the designated Forever Single friend. Every group has one… right?


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