Back From Another Hiatus

This is a short intro to say SoloSity Gal is back. What did I do during my hiatus? This and that. Usual work, family and friends stuff, and I started a writing program in late 2015 that I’m hoping will get me on a creative career path. Oh yeah, and I dated a guy for a brief period. When I first started this blog I told a friend that if I was in a relationship, I’d stop writing SoloSity Gal. SoloSity Gal, after all, started off with the idea of me telling stories from my single life. Now that the relationship that caused this hiatus is over, I’m back to writing.

I’m going to be candid as much as possible without invading his privacy and also preserving mine to an extent. This isn’t meant to be a bash on my ex-boyfriend but the next few posts will be about relationships, getting over a breakup, and the things I learned. And of course I’ll be back to writing about the weird things that happen to me as a single person.

What a better day to say I’m back to the single life than on Valentine’s Day? 😉



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