Psychic Predictions

I went to see a psychic. I’m a skeptic about these things but my friends wanted to go and, if I’m honest, at the time I had been feeling very lost and needed a bit of direction, even if it came from a random source.

My friend, Naomi, knows a woman, we’ll call her Louisa, who does readings. Naomi also knows a bunch of people who have visited Louisa and they’ve all had some of Louisa’s predictions happen. I’ve never seen a psychic before so I wasn’t completely sure what to expect. I’d thought about going in the past but I didn’t want to see a fraud (I can already hear some of you say they’re all frauds). Because Naomi felt like Louisa was pretty accurate with her own reading and with other people she knows, I said why not? Going in I reminded myself to keep an open mind but not to put too much stock into what she was saying.

I won’t be going into too much detail of my own reading or the readings of my friends. My friends and I all debriefed with each other but, because we weren’t all allowed in the same room during a reading, I don’t know what kind of cues my friends gave. I can say for me I didn’t give many verbal or body cues about what she was saying to me. It wasn’t that I was trying to trick her, I’m just naturally a very private person who doesn’t have much reaction to things. I’m also not much of a talker unless I’m super comfortable around someone. My friends laughs that I rarely get excited about anything. There were definitely moments when Louisa hit a little close to home and I teared up a bit during certain points of the reading. A few things she wasn’t very off about.

keep-calm-cause-its-all-about-meThere are 4 themes that people always asks psychics about: money, career, health, and love. I probably sound like a self-absorbed bitch but I told my friends I wouldn’t  ask about my family. It would worry me too much if I were to hear something negative and I couldn’t control it. Whereas if something negative were to happen to me, I’d deal with it. So everything I had planned to ask was all about me.

The first question Louisa asked me when I sat down was if I was married or have a boyfriend. I said no. The next thing she said was that I was thinking about career and money. Half right, I was thinking about my career but not so much about money. But again I knew that because people always ask about the same things I didn’t have a moment of “OMG, she can read my mind!” In a gist, she told me that taking classes will increase my pay. I’m not sure how much of a psychic thing that is… I have been thinking about taking some classes but I’m pro-education and usually when I take classes it’s so I can advance in my career. What’s interesting is that she told me that I’d been thinking about opening a small business, or something about having a side job. Not sure how accurate that is either but the courses I was planning to take, if it works out, leads to a lot of contract work and also I’d been thinking about self-publishing.

Louisa proceeded to ask if my parents are alive, in Vancouver and if I have a sister and/or brother. I never brought up how many sisters I have (more than 1) so when she talked about my sister she kept speaking as if I have just one and I didn’t correct her but towards the end she actually guessed how many sisters I have. That was a bit weird for me (remember, I’m kind of a skeptic and I have a handful of sisters, it’s a fact people who don’t know me wouldn’t know). She talked about my parents as well and said that by the end of the year they’d have a money decision. That’s true. They’ve been talking about selling some property that the family has. Louisa talked about my dad a bit but to be honest, almost everything she said about him wasn’t accurate.

After the cards reading, she did a coffee reading. So I drank my espresso cup-sized coffee (swallowed some coffee grounds) and turned the cup over. At the beginning she asked me what this health problem I’m having is. I said I have none. I did have laser eye surgery done about 4 months prior to seeing her but I wouldn’t say that was a health problem. The interesting thing is when she looked into the cup she said she saw a lung and said I’d been having problems breathing. Now that is true and freaked me out a bit that she saw that. I hadn’t thought of it when she asked earlier but once she said it I told her that yes, I have been having minor issues with breathing lately.

One question I had asked internally (not verbally) at the beginning of the session was whether or not I’m a good person. It’s not that I think I’m going to go off the deep end to be Satan’s right hand, I just sometimes wonder if I’m one of those people who doesn’t do good or evil and am just a neutral person. At the end of the session she said she senses I am a good person, that I have a good energy though I do need to watch out for a certain aspect of my personality. I’m wondering if that was random or if somehow she sensed I’d been thinking about that at the beginning.

universeA few questions that may have been phishing questions:

  • Who the guy I’m thinking of in a romantic way is – there’s no guy. She asked me 2 or 3 times. I said no one because it’s true, I’m not thinking of a guy right now. Maybe Richard Armitage? I don’t know! LOL. I think I briefly thought of an ex-boyfriend a few days prior to visiting her. I really didn’t think about him much before going to see Louisa.
  • What this party I was going to was – I hadn’t been invited to any upcoming parties. But then a coworker later reminded me that we were going to a retirement party which I’d forgotten about.
  • Where I was planning to travel to – I don’t have plans to travel but she said I’d be making a small trip before the year is out. This didn’t happen. I do stay with my sister on occasion (she lives about a 45 minutes drive away from me, 3 cities over), maybe that’s it???

My first experience with a psychic wasn’t really life changing but it wasn’t a bust either. I do realize though that much of what she says isn’t exactly a detailed report of what’s to happen and you end up having to make inferences yourself about what’s going on in your life – like the side business thing, if I hadn’t been thinking of self-publishing or the classes that leads to contract work, I’d have no clue what she was talking about. I think, even though I’m still a skeptic, at the time I did get a bit of hope out of it. My friends also had similar experiences where it gave them hope and a sense of peace. One friend teared up as I did (a couple of things hit close to home) and the other had a more emotional experience.

Will I see a psychic again? Maybe. Like everything in my life, I’m aware that things and decisions could change. Do I believe everything Louisa said? I’d like to but I’m not going to hang all my hopes on what she told me. I am, after all, still a skeptic.

Violet Crawley


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