My PRK Experience – Part 10

I had corrective eye surgery done a few months ago so my eyes have already stabilized. The next few posts are my experience and will be posted weekly (hopefully) so that you don’t need to wait months to find out what it was like for me. The posts about my PRK surgery are based on the notes I left myself while I was healing.

Saturday, April 25, 2015 onward

Updates are less frequent at this point as there are fewer follow-up appointments and no real significant updates.

Over the past few days my eyesight improved a little. Things are pretty blurry when I get up but around 10 am it clears up and gets better towards the end of the day. As the day wore on I noticed I could slowly increase the resolution on my computer screen so that everything wasn’t gigantic. My sight was by no means 20/20 but compared to pre-surgery without glasses, it was a great improvement. By the next morning though I’d have to decrease the resolution again and that could be frustrating. Some blogs I’d read had the opposite experience – their vision would be decent in the morning but would get slightly worse by the end of the day.

People could see me from a distance but I didn’t have the slightest idea who was waving at me until they got closer. I had to tell a number of people not to be offended if I had a confused or blank look on my face because I couldn’t tell who it was until we were in conversation distance. Ha ha.

It’d been raining in Vancouver and I really felt like a idiot wearing sunglasses in cloudy weather. A trick I learned to give my eyes a rest when they started to tire was to cup my hands over them for about 30 seconds. I didn’t necessarily have to close my eyes and doing it frequently was actually really good for my eyes – I had fewer occasions of my eyes feeling strained.

At work I had some design work to do and knowing how my eyes were adjusting, I did the design work in the morning before my sight got worse. The decreased resolution of my computer really threw off proportions so it was best I did it in the morning.

Like I mentioned in my last post, the Muro is terrible because of its Vaseline-like consistency and texture. On the advice of the clinic, I’d switched over to Lacri Lube instead because the Muro was making my eyes red but it wasn’t any less disgusting than the Muro. It’s hard to clean away from your eyes and sticks to your lashes. The silver lining was that because it interfered with my vision it forced me to go to bed earlier.

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