My PRK Experience – Part 8

I had corrective eye surgery done a few months ago so my eyes have already stabilized. The next few posts are my experience and will be posted weekly (hopefully) so that you don’t need to wait months to find out what it was like for me. The posts about my PRK surgery are based on the notes I left myself while I was healing.

April 21, 2015

My eyes were really dry when I woke up but I was able to open them. I could see well one minute and then the next my vision would blur terribly. It did clear up a little bit later and again my right eye was weaker than the left. I could see my iPad a respectable distance away from my face because of my left eye.

Normally I don’t remember my dreams but the past few days I’d been having very vivid dreams. Part of it may have been because I was falling asleep listening to audio books. I dreamed of my grandparents, a murder (and hiding from the murderers), a marriage proposal, and a break-up (not all the same dream, LOL).

Today’s the first day I left the house and only because I had a follow-up appointment at the clinic. Before taking the contacts out, I had to read the eye chart. It was confirmed that my right eye was weaker than my left – my right eye was consistently weaker than my left. My vision was blurry and it sort of looked like I was looking through film that had been coloured white. I was told it’s because I was looking through right where the cells had gathered.

After the eye chart, numbing drops were put in my eyes – it only took a few seconds before my eyes were numbed – and then the technician comes at your eyes with small tweezers. I’m not kidding, it is super unnerving but I tried not to focus on the fact that tweezers were coming towards my eyeball. Let me tell you, it felt so freakn’ good to get those contacts out but my eyesight became blurry again. I’ve read that there’d be a scratchiness feeling after the contacts came out so I blinked as much as possible while my eyes were still numbed. After an hour or so I still hadn’t felt the scratchiness but my eyeballs felt swollen. It was like a sensation of my eyelid rubbing against something that’s kind of tender. The eye drops turned out to be soothing but didn’t help the dryness.


Some of the drops and such I was sent home with on Day 1. Not all of it is here because it didn’t occur to me to take a photo of everything till many months after the surgery.

I had to continue with the Vigamox eye drops 4 times a day and the next day start a drop called FML. After being told FML tasted a hell of a lot worse than Vigamox when it drips into the back of your throat I wondered if it was an acronym for Fuck My Life. There were so many drops I couldn’t be sure how I was going to keep track of them all. I found it useful to schedule reminders about eye drops. I tried to make sure to take it just before a meal and have lots of water on hand to flush the taste out of my mouth.

The white haze was gone, I think that must have been the cells building up under the contacts and had dispersed when the contacts came out. There would be moments of clarity when I put eye drops in but then after a few blinks I was back to blurriness. I had to pay some bills too and instead of magnifying the browser to 300% I only had to magnify it to 200% – an improvement!

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