My PRK Experience – Part 6

I had corrective eye surgery done a few months ago so my eyes have already stabilized. The next few posts are my experience and will be posted weekly (hopefully) so that you don’t need to wait months to find out what it was like for me. The posts about my PRK surgery are based on the notes I left myself while I was healing.

April 19, 2015

My vision pretty much sucked as bad as the day before and there was some minor ghosting. Compared to pre-surgery sans glasses, I was still seeing better but not being able to put on glasses to see clearer was frustrating. I noted that I was seeing haze and that for my right eye it seemed like I was looking through a film of plastic wrap. Someone’s blog had mentioned that it was like having Vaseline smeared all over your glasses and it was seriously like that. The really frustrating part was feeling like if you could just clean that goo away, you’d be able to see clearly.

I was told not to purposely wake up to put in the medicated eye drops but I did anyway since getting back to sleep wasn’t a problem for me. I was also worried I wouldn’t be able to sleep at night. So after I woke up to put in eye drops I’d lay in bed listening to music, audio books, or podcasts. I was able to see my iPad and I could see the keyboard but not clearly and I had to expand the size of pretty much everything I was trying to read. By this day the contacts were making my eyes itch something fierce and I don’t mean like Beyonce’s Sasha Fierce kind of fierce.

By the afternoon my vision seemed to get worse but improved slightly after a nap. Maybe my eyes were tired. I also had a mini freak out because my eyes were pretty red and I thought they were infected but it was just me being paranoid. At this point I knew I had to be patient but it was bumming me out that I couldn’t see properly. I even had regrets about doing the surgery.

This was 4 days after surgery and because I couldn’t properly wash my face my skin was reacting. It felt bumpy and I felt unclean. It was gnarly and I started feeling itchy. I felt disgusting.

The bright spot of this day was that I listened to a lot of Paloma Faith (I adore her), sang along with her like I’d been invited on stage and danced like no one was watching. Really, no one should ever see me dance. I’m horrible. 😉

Paloma Faith with her 3 backup vocalists.  Image from: Native Monster Entertainment

Paloma Faith with her 3 backup vocalists.
Image from: Native Monster Entertainment

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