Honourable Intentions for the New Year

Happy 2016!

I like Christmas. I get a week off from work and I get to relax and sleep in. I like sleep. New Year’s I don’t like so much. It’s just another way to mark the passage of time. Yes, I am a cynic. #NotASecret.

A few days before New Year’s I was having lunch with my friends, Colleen and Amelia. We went to a pretty tasty Vietnamese restaurant (yummy!!!) and chatted about how our Christmases went and our plans for New Year’s Eve and resolutions. Amelia was going to see Star Wars in 3D – I admit that I have not seen a single Star Wars movie (I can hear the collective gasps). Colleen, a spiritual person, had plans to go on a traditional New Year’s Eve walk and release into the universe the highs and lows of her 2015. And then there was me. My plan for New Year’s Eve was to stay at home, watch some Dick Clark New Year’s Rockin Eve and sleep. And that I did. WTF was Fergie doing? I was embarrassed just watching her pose like she was on a photo shoot.

Of course, me being a cynic, I said I never make New Year’s Resolutions because I know I won’t follow through. Colleen told us about an article she read. The gist of it is that resolutions shouldn’t be called resolutions, to be seen as something you should do or as something you need to fix. Instead, it should be an “intention,” as a hope you see the way you’d like things to be. I probably summarized that horribly so here’s a link to an article about New Year’s Resolutions vs. New Year’s Intentions. I think I like intentions better than resolutions. Anyway, our chat got me down the road of thinking that perhaps I should try this intentions thing.

So here’s my intention for 2016:

I intend to treat myself (body and mind) better than I did in 2015. I intend to be a bit more active (baby steps!!) and to stop putting more pressure on myself than people would put on me.

Do you have any New Year’s Intentions?

blank page

Pretend I posted this on December 31st, 2015 so that the image makes a little more sense. 🙂

Happy New Year to everyone! I’m wishing you and yours a peaceful, loving, understanding, and fabulous year.



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