My PRK Experience – Part 4

I had corrective eye surgery done a few months ago so my eyes have already stabilized. The next few posts are my experience and will be posted weekly (hopefully) so that you don’t need to wait months to find out what it was like for me. The posts about my PRK surgery are based on the notes I left myself while I was healing.

April 17, 2015

My contacts felt drier than the day before. It wasn’t painful but it was uncomfortable and I definitely noticed the contacts on my eyes. I hadn’t felt any pain but I kept expecting to. Some people feel severe pain on days 2 and 3. I was prepared for it. My vision got worse than the day before but only slightly. I’d been warned that my eyesight would get worse then better afterward but I was feeling great because I could see better than before even though I couldn’t make out any letters on my computer screen without my nose being 5 inches away from it.

The morning was cloudy and my eyes were more comfortable in that light but then it became sunny in the afternoon. Again it didn’t bother me too severely but I did have to take breaks and hide out in the dark. This was the day when my eyes also alternated between feeling dry and tearing up so badly that I had to sit in the dark with my eyes closed. Good thing I had downloaded a million audio books onto my iPad (hooray for libraries!). A colleague of mine also does podcasts so I listened to a bunch of his and I listened to podcasts about writing. Again, my imagination kept me occupied when I was tired of listening to other voices.

Trying to keep up with the drop schedule was still a challenge. Remembering which one to use and when was a pain. I’m sure I messed up a few times but since I can see fine now I guess it wasn’t a big deal!

Eye Drop Schedule.JPG

The medicated eye drop schedule. For a person who likes symmetry, it didn’t really help that the “counsellor”wrote all over it and cluttered the information!


Looking back, I think this was the most uncomfortable day – most people say this is the day when the pain sets in because the epithelium is growing back. While I was annoyed with my eyes being dry or tearing up, I didn’t experience any real pain. I did have the urge to rub my eyes though; it felt like I constantly had an eyelash under the contact lens.

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