My PRK Experience – Part 3: Post-Op Follow-Up

I had corrective eye surgery done a few months ago so my eyes have already stabilized. The next few posts are my experience and will be posted weekly (hopefully) so that you don’t need to wait months to find out what it was like for me. The posts about my PRK surgery are based on the notes I left myself while I was healing.

April 16, 2015 – the day following my PRK surgery

I woke up at about 7:45 and had a follow-up at 9:15. Post-ops at Coal Harbour Eye Centre (CHEC) are always earlier in the morning and are drop-ins. The first couple of nights following the surgery I slept at a 75 degree angle to avoid rolling over and putting pressure on my eyes. I also slept with the sunglasses on and with an eye mask over them to keep myself from rubbing my eyes in my sleep and to keep the sunglasses in place. When my alarm went off I knocked a bunch of stuff of the nightstand. Oops. I’d woken up a few times in the middle of the night not because I was in any pain but because I was concerned about sleeping on my face and having pressure placed on my eyes.

In the morning I put in the Acuvail drops (reduces swelling and pain) which stung just a bit but it cleared up within a few seconds. The drops dripped into the back of my throat and are bitter. It was gross. I was told to chew gum except that I don’t chew gum so I often popped mints after the eye drops, chugged water, and or ate to mask the taste. I was told that the next set of drops, FML, would taste even worse than the Acuvail. I later associated the FML drops with the acronym for F*ck My Life.

My dad gave me a ride to the drop-in since I still couldn’t see well enough to go anywhere on my own (it’s also not recommended). It was a fairly sunny day and while everything was brighter, with the sunglasses I felt like it was bearable. I could see as well as right after the surgery but I was prepared for my eyesight to get worse by day 4. The appointment was very brief, two minutes tops to make sure there was no infection in the eye and to ensure the contacts were a good fit. The contacts irritated my eye in that it felt like I had a foreign object in them. It actually wasn’t so bad if I remembered to use lubricating eye drops (I was told to use Bion Tears as they are preservative free) frequently. Leaving the clinic we had to detour because Ryan Reynolds was in town filming Deadpool and the viaduct was shutdown for production. Damn you, you good looking man!

Bridge Closed for Filming

Georgia Viaduct closed for the filming of Deadpool.

I tried to wash my hair which was starting to feel heavy with grease (I know, gross). If you’ve read about PRK, you’re not supposed to get water in the eyes for at least a week and you can’t rub them for about as long as well. I was advised not to use swim goggles because they put pressure on the eyes so I tried to use the scoop method to wash my hair. That didn’t work out so well. My normally clear skin was breaking out by the end of the 7 days.

I was able to use the computer for a little bit. I had to look at the screen closely but I didn’t have to change the font size yet. I spent most of the day sitting in the dark listening to audio books. Vision was again blurry and I was seeing double vision so trying to look at things wasn’t going well.

My Advice:
Rest as much as possible in the dark. Even though I didn’t have any pain and didn’t feel too sensitive to light, my eyes did feel a bit funny and closing my eyes really helped.

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