Alaska Knows How To Keep Crotches Warm

I realize that the title of this post sounds really dirty but it isn’t. If you’re looking for some erotic read you’re going to have to find some other blog.

A few weeks ago I set sail on a 7-day cruise to Alaska with one of my sisters and my parents (seriously, I really meant it when I said this isn’t a dirty read). This trip pretty much reminded me why I haven’t been on vacation with my parents since I was somewhere around the age of 15. The 4 of us in a tiny cabin was not my cuppa tea. I’ve never had much of a desire to go to Alaska but my parents wanted to go on holidays and an Alaskan cruise just happened to work out in all our schedules. And Alaska is fairly close to Vancouver so I decided I may as well go once in my lifetime.

Alaska 2

Nothing like an invitation to a young person’s party to make you feel old…

We were on a Holland America cruise and what you think of cruises could very well be accurate. There were many VERY retired folks and not so many cruise goers under the age of 35. On the second or third night of the cruise I received an invitation to meet the other 20 to 30-somethings. I guess Holland America was really trying to make an effort to make the “youngins” comfortable. I made my sister come with me even though she wasn’t really invited. Despite Holland America’s attempt I felt like one of the retirees. The group my sister and I hung out with were all about 25. Oh man, the pressure to be young! I lied and said I was 24 and my sister 25. Luckily we have the “baby-face” gene so we could pass for our mid-20s.

Alaska 1

I think I gained a couple of pounds during this 7 day cruise.

If you ever go on a cruise it’s a good idea to bring your own form of entertainment. There were times when we were just sailing the waters and the onboard entertainment just wasn’t something I wanted to see. I luckily have a tablet with many books and movies uploaded to it. And be prepared to gain weight. I spent most of my time in the dining room eating and reading.

I wasn’t terribly fond of Alaska. Excursions are pretty expensive and for other reasons I’ll not bore you with I just didn’t go. We stopped in Juneau, Skagway, and Ketchikan. If you’re into shopping it’s pretty much the same thing over and over. There are many jewellery stores and lots of tourist shops; I’m not a huge fan of either. Museums are typically quite small and admission is cheap. By the time I went tourist season was about to end so there were a lot of things on sale and some places had already shut down for the season. Tourist knickknacks are typically cheaper in Ketchikan.

Crotch-warmers, need I say more?

Crotch-warmers, need I say more?

I was woefully under prepared for the weather in Glacier Bay. Luckily Alaska sells fur-covered-crotch undies. As I write this I’m thinking of a horribly ungroomed person. Now there’s an image that’s forever burned into my brain. Glacier Bay is, well, it looks like a huge chunk of ice. It’s nice to see once and I think the ship stopped in the Bay for an hour or two before sailing away. A huge chunk of the glacier broke off while my dad and I were hanging around outside (my mom and sister get cold easily despite wearing a lot more than I did so they returned inside). That is actually spectacular. We heard loud rumblings and at first it didn’t register in my head what it was until it got louder and I realized that some part of the glacier was about to fall into the ocean.

Well, this has nothing to do with Alaska and excuse the horrible segue, but I noticed a wee trophy icon in the corner of my screen when I logged oon and guess what? It’s my first anniversary with WordPress! It has been a year since I signed up for a blog (but not quite a year since I’ve started this blog) so it’s sort of an anniversary. Is it just a bit sad that the only “Happy Anniversary” notice I get is for signing up for a blog that I force 3 of my friends to read and maybe 2 random strangers stumble upon (by the way, thank you 2 random strangers for even just glancing at my sad little blog). I don’t often feel pathetic but I’m feeling just a tad pathetic that my relationship with WordPress is the only anniversary I have to celebrate right now. Ha ha ha.

blogaversaryAnd now, let me sign off with a few photos of my grand Alaskan adventure…

Alaska 8

One of the best things about being on the waters is fantastically gorgeous days like this! Beware rocky weather though! I had fun treating the boat like a rollercoaster ride but some people got seasick.

Alaska 7

Creek Street in Ketchikan. I actually had trouble ditching my parents in Ketchikan, we kept running into each other!

Alaska 9

Very touristy area of Skagway.

Alaska 10

I think this was in Juneau.

Alaska 5

It rained or it threatened to rain the entire time we were in Alaska but I’m from Vancouver so it’s just like home!

Alaska 3

The magic carpet that would tell us what day of the week it was. Remember when I said my entire being is a fashion faux pas? Guess which set of feet are mine!

Alaska 4

In Glacier Bay where I literally followed a Park Ranger to get info about the glacier.

That’s all for now! Maybe for the next post I’ll write about my trip to France last year. Ohh-la-la.


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