This Is Not A Benedict Cumberbatch Fan Site. Yet.

I’ve been away from the blog longer than I’d planned but in my defense, and contrary to what coupled folks will say about single folks, I do have a life… well, sort of.

Beware, I’m geeking out again in this post. I can’t promise that this will be the last time I geek out. I finally got around to seeing Star Trek Into Darkness last week so I’ve been in a trekkie mood. Last year I bought a Helly Hansen rain jacket. Random, right? WRONG! I’ll get to how this relates to feeling trekkie in a moment. In Vancouver if you don’t carry an umbrella with you every time you go out, you better have a damn good rain jacket. Rain here can be unpredictable. Anyway, I bought the jacket online, I generally don’t clothes shop online because sizes vary between makers and it’s way too hard for me to guess if clothing will fit me. Silly me! I saw the measurements, decided a small would fit while momentarily forgetting I’m 5 feet 1 and not of an average adult human size.  The jacket is way too big on me; I suspect even an XS would be too big on me. I ended up keeping the jacket out of laziness and cheapness (I didn’t want to pay to return it, ha ha). In the year and a bit I’ve had the jacket it has kept me very dry, even in a surprise torrential downpour (and hail) in London and even in the constant rain in Scotland.

Back to yesterday: the weather forecast predicted rain (it didn’t rain today, by the way) and at lunch I was kind of strutting my stuff, wearing my way-too-big HH rain jacket. Why did I feel so cool in this poorly fitting rain jacket? Well, here’s where trek comes in. Have you seen this scene in Into Darkness?


Excuse me, baddie Mr. John Harrison? Is that a Helly Hansen rain jacket you’re wearing? Photo Credit: Star Trek Into Darkness

My jacket looks like the one the character John Harrison is wearing (I now call the jacket my John Harrison jacket). It’s a long, dark jacket and it has a high collar (mostly because of my truncated neck). So do you see where this is going now? I was walking around with a scowl on my face pretending to be bad-ass John Harrison, out to get Starfleet.*Insert the sound of a record screech.* Someone called my name. Snapped me right out of my John Harrison fantasy moment.

Back to the movie, it’s definitely worth seeing in the theatre. Did it need to be in 3D? Debatable. Certainly parts of it didn’t have to be. As a straight woman I didn’t need to see Alice Eve in her undies in 3D. As an aside, for a movie set a few hundred years in the future, why haven’t women’s undergarments changed? Now if they’d kept the Benedict Cumberbatch shower scene in, then yes, I  most certainly would’ve need to view that in 3D. In fact, it would have been a crucial moment in the movie to see in 3D. In the words of Star Trek alum, George Takei, oh myyy.

Star Trek Into Darkness, Photo credit: tumblr-com-tagged-showerbatch.jpg

I was about to go into a digression about how dreamy Benedict Cumberbatch is but I will spare you my girlish giggles and just say I enjoyed the film. 😉 *whispers: psst Benedict Cumberbatch is super good in the film! I need to get a life-size cardboard cut out of him.*

I’ve never been to a movie by myself. It feels odd to me. I’d even go with a person who annoys the crap out of me to avoid going to the movies alone. And yet a lot of people see movies by themselves. The guy next to me was by himself but after having witnessed him scarf down 3 hotdogs, a big gulp (no, he did not get up during the movie to go pee), and nachos I kinda realized he didn’t want to see a movie with anyone or he’d be forced to share his meal. Back in my dating days a guy tried to be romantic and reached for my hand but I have claustrophobic hands so it was not allowed. I think he took it the wrong way….

Other business, I was at a conference a few weeks ago that contributed to my lack of writing and I’m at another conference at the end of this week so no blog writing and no novel writing for me Friday and Saturday. I’ll be at Northern Voice so if anyone will be there, let me know. Of course, that would just kill the anonymity of  me. If you’ll be there, scream out “SoloSity Gal!” and perhaps I will answer… or I will watch you make a fool out of yourself, film it, and post it online. 🙂

And finally, because I thought this was hilarious, here’s a gif (I hope it works, I’ve never uploaded an animated gif before):

Sorry, I don’t remember where I got this gif…


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