Getting My Geek On

Before you begin reading, please slip into something more comfortable, sit back and get yourself into the mood by watching this short video:
Damn. Patrick Stewart sure got one helluva sexy voice. You did not just read that on my site. 🙂

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I was a huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuge Star Trek fan years ago. I watched some episodes of the original Star Trek, was a dedicated TNG fan, really liked Voyager (until the last few seasons but still watched all of the episodes religiously), I watched some of DS9 but I wasn’t a huge fan and I watched some of Enterprise (mostly because I thought Scott Bakula was an awesome actor). I have to admit though, I haven’t seen all the movies. Summer project, perhaps? My sisters teased me relentlessly for me watching Star Trek when we were younger. It was considered a total geek thing back then. If you watched it you were lumped in with awkward, pimply teens with pocket protectors and thick glasses that had white tape on the bridge. Yes, I was awkward and I wore (and still wear) glasses but I wasn’t pimply (thank goodness for good genes! I had one thing going for me!) and there was no tape between the eyes of my glasses. Um… I will admit to the pocket protectors but in my defense I spent some time working in a lab as a teen and all the cool lab techs had pocket protectors. Alas, I transitioned from cute into the awkward phase at the age of 8 and never left The Awkward Zone.

I saw the coolest dude on the bus on my way into work wearing a kick-ass Star Trek communicator/insignia. Go Starfleet!

I saw the coolest dude on the bus on my way into work wearing a kick-ass Star Trek communicator/insignia.

For decades the Star Trek theme “to boldly go where no one has gone before” was our nerd anthem. N.B. Star Trek taught as bad grammar as that sentence is a split infinitive 😀 Then JJ Abrams came along with Chris Pine and took Star Trek away from us and made it a fad. Hey, people, get off my bandwagon. If you get on this, that leaves us nerds with D&D games and I don’t even know how to play D&D. Just kidding, non-real-nerds. Beam aboard. It makes it that much more fun when I rub it in your face that you’re now a Trekkie. 🙂

I am so excited to see the latest Star Trek movie, Into Darkness. I’m antsy to see how Benedict Cumberbatch does as John Harrison. From the trailers I’ve seen he is just amazing at playing a “villain.” Yes, yes, I’m sure many want to see him because he’s the “it” guy from Britain at the moment but seriously, he seems like a great actor. He plays the Asperger Sherlock and then switches to play Harrison. And ok, I admit (very quietly), I think I’m developing a bit of a crush on him. He’s not the standard, conventionally handsome type but wow does he sound intelligent, contemplative, and polite. He’s like the pasty white, male version of Oprah. You have to see this clip of Benedict Cumberbatch on The Graham Norton Show displaying his talent. Graham Norton is hilarious. I loved watching his show when I was in the UK and I’m so happy I get BBC Canada. Anyway, here’s the video:

The “woo-hoo” part just cracked me up. I was laughing so hard I literally had tears in my eyes.

If you haven’t seen the trailer for the movie, here’s one of many:

Seriously, HOLY CRAP! What an amazing voice and the malevolent tone is chilling.

Has anyone noticed that Spock is such an easy target? First movie – Spock ruined the timeline. Second movie Harrison is ready to exploit Spock’s weaknesses. To be fair, there are a few of these “disruptions” trailers in which Harrison picks on members of the crew. But ya know, you wouldn’t see someone messing with the Klingon’s (well, not completely true). Try it and they’d just bat’leth the crap out of you. I always laugh when I think of the Klingons because I always think of the evolution:

klingon evolution

Somehow they evolved from looking like earthlings to… well, that on the right. They even commented it on an episode of DS9 when the crew went back in time (to the tribbles episode). I love it when shows make fun of themselves, kind of like Stargate (which I also loved because it was hilarious and drew inspiration from mythology and modern religion). OK, before I give away how nerdy I really am, I’m going to stop myself here because when it comes to nerdism I can go all out and my non-existent boyfriend doesn’t need to know how geeky I really am until he puts a ring on it.

One last thing before I go, if anyone from, oh, say Paramount Pictures, Lionsgate Films, or another film studio (dear god, not any of the porn places though) sees this and they need someone to work on social media, writing, someone to spot consistency issues, or just a small, nerdy girl to act as a deranged fan (believe me there won’t be much acting on my part, ha ha!) please PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEASE hire me.

OK, now I’m done.

Live long and prosper.

Deer Trek

Deer Trek (Doe? Elk? WTF is this?). I guess Live Long and Prosper didn’t work out so well for this guy.

big blue trek

I’m trekkin’ it with Big Blue (the whale, not what you dirty minds are thinking). The people downstairs gave me the dirtiest look for being all Star Trekky.


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