In The News This Past Week…

Before I get into the silly things, I’d like to reflect on the Boston Marathon tragedy. I’ve never been to Boston but it’s been on my list of places to travel to for a very long time. My major in history was very Boston-focused and, had I chosen to pursue a graduate degree I already had my thesis topic and it would have been centred around Boston. My plan, since those days of undergrad, was to travel to Boston near Christmas to see the lighting of the Halifax tree. If you don’t know why Halifax sends Boston a Christmas tree every year, just wikipedia “Halifax Explosion.” There’s that famous saying that goes something like “When tragedy strikes words fail us.” I beg to differ. I have plenty of words to express the anger and sadness I feel for what happened in Boston. It’s not the words that are failing us; it’s our understanding of how humans could do such horrendous things to each other. But when things so unfathomable happens, we see communities and strangers pull together. These acts meant to scare and tear humanity apart ultimately fail because of the human spirit. And for that I applaud us as sentient beings.

On to other things that have happened in the news… if I were more on top of these things what I’m writing about wouldn’t be old news but here we go. On to my ever so favourite human being on the planet *sarcasm*: Justin Bieber

From Virgin Radio's Facebook page:

From Virgin Radio’s Facebook page: “The laides that are 29+ at Virgin Radio decided it’s okay to call him hot.”

Ew. I think not. I am certainly 29+ and it is not okay. Didn’t he just hit 19? OK, in Canada you can drink and vote at 18 but it still doesn’t make him an adult. Next, Bieber’s now infamous quote about a very well-known historical figure, Anne Frank. I think we’ve all heard it now but if you haven’t, his quote in the Anne Frank House Museum’s guestbook read: “Truly inspiring to be able to come here. Anne was a great girl. Hopefully she would have been a belieber.” I made my squinty-eye are-you-serious look when I read this. It’s great he took the time to learn about Anne Frank and I’m going to take his idiot comment about being a belieber with a grain of salt. I do not like Bieber but I’m going to say hey, maybe he’s saying “Wow, I hope this icon would have taken the time to listen to my music and like a pitiful singer like me.” What I found really annoying about his comment, though, is “Anne was a great girl.” He uses the familiar, like he personally knew her. Oh, Bieber, you’re still so much a child, aren’t you? PS – FOR THE LOVE OF PETE PUT ON A FRIGGIN’ SHIRT!!!

Next topic: Paris

April 10 the Louvre closed for a day in protest of the pickpockets who scout out unbewitting victims. I logged on to the Louvre website that day and here’s the notice that was posted:

From the Louvre's website

From the Louvre’s website: “Due to exceptional circumstances, the Louvre museum is currently closed.”

Pickpockets are a huge problem in Europe. Well, I suppose they’re a problem anywhere but I was heavily warned about it when I travelled to the UK and France. My trip to France will be a later post and will actually relate to being single. Anyway, it’s not going to guarantee you won’t be pickpocketd but my advice is just to be diligent (just like  when you go anywhere). I carried what I thought I’d need for the day and left my passport and any extra cash in the hotel safe. I held my purse in front of me and with my hand on it at all times. I also scanned the area around me frequently – partially because I didn’t know where the heck I was half the time and partially because it’s a subtle way of telling people “I have my eyes on you.” I seriously tell people to avoid Yahoo! news if they want to stay informed because there’s a lot of trash on their news page, they very often don’t link pages properly, and their articles are written very poorly. However, I’m still going to link to this Yahoo! article about the April 10th closure. To read it, click here. I’d like to highlight a specific quote in this article that reads: ‘”On the metro they no longer speak English, they don’t stand together, they’re snobs,” Eastman [an American teacher] said.’ Um… is it just me or does this quote seem completely ignorant? Benefit of the doubt for Ms. Eastman because she might have been misquoted but I don’t expect the French to HAVE to speak English to me. It’s not their official language and I’m in their country so I’ll at least attempt to speak French. I uttered the phrase “Parlez-vous anglais?” many times while I was there. Being Canadian I did learn French in elementary and high school so I could manage to get by even when their response was “Non.” While I was in France quite a few native French speakers did speak English to me. Snobs… well, I wouldn’t say snobs but they are, at least in my experience, not so fond of tourists. And people don’t stand together? Um… when I’m on public transit I don’t like to be near people too. It’s like the bathroom rule. You don’t pick the stall (or urinal, if you’re a guy) next to the occupied one unless you have to. By the way, in London they try not to stand next to each other on the tube too.

OK, this was basically a ranting post so I’m going to sign off here. Next post I’ll write more about life from a single POV. Smell you all later, you snobby Beliebers!


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