Blog Post from New York Cliche!

This post from New York Cliche made me laugh. Especially the photo of the ovaries. LOL!

New York Cliché

The day I got a (imaginary) boyfriend my whole (online) world exploded. As an actor, creating characters is my bread and butter. I suppose I shouldn’t be so surprised that my darling, completely fabricated “Joe” caused such a stir.

My last post, “I’ll Make Up a Biker Boyfriend If It Makes Life Easier” was Freshly Pressed. Every day Wordpress (my blog host!) selects 10 blog posts to feature on their home page. Says WordPress: “Freshly Pressed posts can be about anything, but they all have a few things in common: they enlighten us, inspire us, entertain us, and get us talking.” This is the “big break” of the blogosphere.

The day after I was featured, received more views than it usually receives in an entire month. I’m still basking in a radiant  glow of overwhelming and exciting. Thousands of people (can you believe it? Thousands!) read my words-…

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