The Ring Makes Everything Look Less Foolish

Alrighty, I’m back to write stupid things from my sarcastic, single gal point of view.

Have you ever noticed that married women just love to take photos of their left hand? They’ll make up any excuse to do so and some are admittedly pretty darn silly. They also start gesturing with their left hand more and with bigger movements like they’re Barney telling you he loves you this much. I have a friend who continually takes photos of her left hand. Every time I log on to Facebook *BAM!* there’s that hand. Excuses range from “Look at my new nail polish colour” *BAM!* Left hand to “Look at my breakfast” *BAM!* Left hand makes it in the shot.

Now I have pretty hands. No, seriously, I do! I have slender long fingers and my hands aren’t overly vein-y. I’d even go so far as to say my hands are modelesque. Years of playing a stringed musical instrument (the ever nerdy violin) made the under-side not so pretty with the callous fingers and such but hey, the upside is pretty nice! 🙂 My hands are so pretty I could be on The Shopping Channel modelling rings unlike married-friend-who-takes-too-many-photos-of-her-left-hand.

I took a few pictures to see if photos are more sophisticated when there’s a ring on the finger (and yeah, my inexpensive claddagh ring – clearly not from Tiffany’s – is too big for my finger):

No Ring Ring

no date

Highlighting the lack of a ring on my finger and lack of a date.

Oooh, turning off the light with a ring on my finger.

Oooh, turning off the light with a ring on my finger.

picking cookies

I’m at the grocery store picking out a box of cookies… with my gloved hand (I can assure you there was no ring on my finger).


Look at my new door, everyone! AND I got a ring on my finger!


I’m going down the escalator and oh, whoops, how’d my left hand get in the photo?



So are photos less silly when there’s a ring on the finger? People really think you’re crazy when you take random shots of your hand… I tried to take videos of me gesturing but I nearly took out a really cute guy’s eye out. Have you seen the episode of King of Queens where Carrie and Doug receive a portrait of themselves from Deacon and Kelly but the portrait turns out to be rather unflattering? Doug has “beaver teeth” and Carrie has a huge hand? Well crazy gesturers, you better be careful or the vigorous exercise might leave you a large Carrie hand.

King of Queens, episode "Present Tense"

King of Queens, episode “Present Tense”


2 thoughts on “The Ring Makes Everything Look Less Foolish

  1. A big YES to this post. I am nearing 30 (well its just a month away) and I am single. Everyone around me is getting married or on their first kid and Facebook has become so painful that I have started avoiding it. Yep you can call me a coward for that. But really I am tired of seeing all the marriage pics and all the other pics. I know that I am happy for those friends and that they should have the right to be deliriously happy at finding that special someone. But seriously what’s with the ring pictures and what’s with pics of every little thing your baby does? I don’t know if the time will ever come when I will be married and will have children, but I hope I don’t become insensitive to singles then. Keep writing 🙂

  2. Thanks for the comment! 🙂 It’s kind of weird how everyone gets married around the same time, isn’t it? I don’t get why people post comments about their kids having things coming out of them from both ends. Not cute, not funny, just gross. I totally get where you’re coming from; it can be a bummer seeing all that stuff on Facebook. The only thing I post on FB is pictures of my food. Ha ha ha. Silver lining I tell myself is I’m freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee of responsibilities! 😀

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