SoloSity Gal’s Bad Start to the Morning

Aw man!

Aw man!

SoloSity Gal’s bad start did not begin because she realized she’s still single. Nor did SoloSity Gal’s day start off poorly because she refers to herself in the third person. SoloSity Gal had a bad morning because she dropped her stainless steel mug this morning!!! The results were tragic! The logo of my Alma Mater was ripped from the mug and went bouncing along. Woe!

OK, I’m being a drama queen here. I’ve had this mug for 4-5 years now and it’s kept my hot beverages hot (although not always contained…) and I generally take very good care of my belongings which is why it’s so shocking. And I’m not a klutz but we just had a long weekend here in B.C. (yesterday was the first Family Day provincial holiday which was kinda odd because not everyone got the day off but I did despite being single and not having a family but I’m not going to complain about getting a paid day off) and I was super tired this morning due to an intense workout the day before (Shaun T’s Insanity – did I survive? Just barely. Did I actually do the entire thing? Uh… let’s just say I cursed my way through the entire workout). I’ve lost my train of thought….

Oh yes, my logo-less mug. The very handsome gentleman ahead of me, however, did pick up the logo for me and I swear, when our hands touched I felt a spark. It may very well have been that I was dragging my feet along carpet on my way into the office but that’s so unromantic. He looked at me and said “Oh dear” and I said “Yes, honey?” Colour my face red when I realized he wasn’t calling me a dear but was actually speaking a phrase of general exclamation. But then, he smiled crookedly at me and said, “Could I buy you another cup of coffee?” Oh baby, I thought, you can buy me more than just a cuppa coffee. Instead what came out was a girlish giggle. The next thing I knew, I had a date lined up for Valentine’s Day and my New Year’s Resolution to stay single is kaputz.

*Tire screeching sounds* Did you believe all that? I’m totally BSing you. Other than me dropping my mug and the guy in front of me passing my logo, that spark, giggle, and Valentine’s Day date is all a fabrication. SoloSity Gal is solo for another day but is now solo without an Alma Mater mug. Silver lining: at least the coffee wasn’t in the mug when I dropped it.


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