Dangerous profession, dude.

The Return of the Modern Philosopher

CupidCupid, everyone’s favorite archer after Katniss Everdeen, was rushed to Eastern Maine Medical Center in Bangor for emergency surgery last night after suffering a serious eye injury in a Snow Hawk attack. 

For those of you outside of Maine, Snow Hawks are evil white birds that do the bidding of Snow Miser.  Their task is to circle the skies during a snowstorm, and then attack any individual who might be shoveling snow or doing anything to hinder the snow’s fall.  As the birds are pure white (and pure evil), the blend in with the snow and their attacks always come as a surprise.

Cupid was just out in yesterday’s snow, trying to spread a little pre-Valentine’s Day love, when he was set upon by one of the birds.  Luckily, a Gargoyle was in the vacinity and came to the little guy’s aid.  The Gargoyle brought Cupid to the hospital and then disappeared into the sky without…

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