Woe is the Solo Girl

This is new for me, a blog. I debated for days over what to write and then it came to me like that tunnel of light you get during a near death experience: I’ll write about my in the hopes that I find a few kindred spirits out there. Currently, I live in Vancouver, British Columbia. I’m in my 30s and I’m single. Yes, still. No, I’ve never been married, I haven’t even been engaged. So what’s a girl to do in a city that has a reputation for being hard to meet people and is all alone? Well, blog about it, duh. Here I am, baring my soul and chronicling of my life. Every sad and the lonely moment of my very full life. Every pathetic eat-at-Dennys-by-yourself-on-Valentine’s-Day meal I have. In each entry I’ll give you an inside look on what it’s like for a single woman who is surrounded by couples. Couples, couples, everywhere. Your friends, your co-workers, the people next to you on the bus canoodling like it’s their living room.

A few months ago I was listening to Virgin Radio in the morning and Nat and Drew talked about some study done that said single people are a factor in divorces. No, it’s not cheating that’s the cause, it’s because (and I am taking the liberty of saying what the “study” is essentially saying) single people are so needy they demand their married friends’ time. Nah-uh, I say. Married people are wreaking havoc on my single life. Married people whine and whine about their spouse or their in-laws to me. “He doesn’t pick up his clothes” or “Her parents are driving me insane.” Look, I get it. It’s hard to live with someone and face them 24 hours a day but you know, I got my own problems. Let’s talk about me for a moment, huh? Another way married people interfere with my life of solosity? They keep trying to set me up with people – people they don’t know that well but think me and blind-date-man would hit it off for no other reason except “You’re both single.” I’ve had this happen to me more than once and will most likely have it happen to me in the future. Every sordid detail is pretty much going to be posted this blog.

Anyway, I’m going to end the blog here because I’m just rambling now and this post is starting to get long. Stay tuned for more adventures of SoloSity Gal.


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